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What To Do After a Fire.

10/13/2022 (Permalink)

Commercial fire damage If your commercial building suffers fire damage call SERVPRO of Central Ft. Myers. We are here to help.

What To Do After a Fire.

After a fire, it's very hard to know what to do first. There are many steps you need to follow to make sure that your home is secure and safe after a fire has occurred. If you're prepared and know what to do after a fire, it makes the process much easier!

After a fire, it's very hard to know what to do first.

Fire can be devastating to a home. After the fire is out and you have time to take stock of your situation, you might be overwhelmed by what to do next.

If you're wondering "What should I do after a fire?" then here are some tips that can help:

  • If possible, check if there's water damage or smoke damage in the area where the fire took place (for example, in an oven). 
  • If there is water damage or smoke damage, clean up quickly—taking care not to make things worse with your cleaning supplies—to prevent mold growth or other problems from developing later.
  • If possible, check if there's visible smoke residue left over from the fire. You may want to vacuum any areas where this residue was deposited; otherwise, it could attract dust particles or insects that could make their way into your home and cause problems later. 
  • Check whether any electrical devices were damaged in the fire: outlets/switches/fans/heaters/light fixtures etc... If so, contact an electrician for advice before repairing them yourself. 
  • Take photos of any damaged items so you can refer to them when filing insurance claims.

Call your insurance company as soon as you can.

It's important to call your insurance company as soon as you can. Your agent will be able to help advise on the extent of the damage that is covered under your insurance policy. 

If it's a large-scale emergency response where professionals are needed, do not try to restore the area on your own — harmful odors and chemicals left over from the fire could cause complications. Instead, seek out a reliable restoration company that can remove the damaged items and thoroughly restore the affected area. 

Board-up services might be able to help secure your home after a fire.

Sometimes, the heat of the flames can shatter windows and compromise Board-up services are a good idea if you need to secure your home after a fire. It's important to make sure the boards are secure and that they don't have any gaps, because any intruders could just push open the loose boards. If you're not sure about this, ask someone who knows how to do it right (like our friendly service providers).

After securing your Central Fr. Myers home with professional board-up services, we recommend having another trusted party come by and check on the outside of your house in case anything needs repairing.

Get cleaning services on-site ASAP.

The sooner you can get cleaning services on site, the better. The longer it takes, the harder it will be to remove any lingering smoke or odor. You should not attempt to clean up yourself with a mop and bucket—you need trained professionals for this job.

If your home or commercial property has been damaged by fire, you will need to make sure that you don't spread the fire further by spreading ashes from your vacuum cleaner around other areas of your home.

If you're prepared and know what to do after a fire, it makes the process so much easier.

The best way to handle a fire is to have a plan in place. If you know what to do after a fire, it makes the process easier. 

We've outlined some of the most important steps below:

  • Make sure everyone is out of your house and then call 911
  • Check on all family members who were inside at the time of the fire; look for any signs of burns or smoke inhalation
  • If anyone injured needs medical attention, make sure they get it immediately

There's no doubt that when your commercial property has been damaged by fire, you're going to be shocked and upset. But if you don't know what to do first, it can make the process even more difficult. Follow these steps, and the process will be much less stressful!

What To Do if the Fire Sprinklers Accidentally Goes Off

7/15/2022 (Permalink)

Fire Sprinkler going off Fire sprinkler systems can be effective ways of putting out a fire and saving your building in Fort Myers, FL, from destruction

Fire sprinkler systems can be effective ways of putting out a fire and saving your building in Fort Myers, FL, from destruction. However, they do result in some flooding, which is an especially large problem when they go off accidentally.

Here Are Some Steps To Take If This Happens In Your Building

1. Shut Off the Water

To prevent the fire sprinklers from flooding your entire building, quickly go shut off the water main or the main valve for the sprinkler system. Once you do that, you can find and turn off the individual sprinkler system valve so that you can turn the water back on to the rest of the building. You might be required by your fire marshall to evacuate the building or increase fire precautions until you get the system fixed and turned back on, so make sure you talk to your fire department about that.

2. Call Your Insurance Company

The next step is to call your insurance company and explain what happened. They may want to send someone out to look at the damage and talk with you about your options.

3. Call a Remediation Company
Even if you get the water cleaned up from the sprinkler activation, chances are your walls, ceiling and floor will still be damp, making your building a breeding ground for hidden mold. Avoid this by calling a professional water damage remediation company to thoroughly clean and repair everything in the flooded area.

4. Prevent Further Damage
If you had furniture or supplies in the flooded areas and your insurance company says it's okay, go ahead and move those out of the water so that you can begin to dry them off. This will prevent them from being damaged further and will make it easier to clean up the rest of the space.

Water flooding from your building's ceiling when there isn't fire isn't ideal, to say the least. If this does happen to your building, though, make sure you follow these steps so that you can get the damage repaired as quickly as possible.

Who Should You Call After Property Damage?

5/1/2022 (Permalink)

Fire damage in a property Relying on SERVPRO for mitigation, cleanup and restoration can ensure that work is done properly based on a single estimate and schedule.

Who Should You Contact If Your Property Has Been Damaged?

A property owner may debate whether to contact an insurance representative or restoration company first after property damage occurs. In order to make a claim, it is necessary to document the full extent of damage suffered by a residential or commercial property in Buckingham, FL. Restoration services that provide information to insurers via electronic claim services can be the best first response service.

Emergency Response Services

In the event of a fire, a property owner should call the nearest fire department. Once a blaze has been extinguished or for damage caused by a storm or water leak, a nearby franchise of a national restoration company can arrive on site within a matter of hours and provide several services:

  • Inspection
  • Documentation
  • Mitigation

It is necessary to determine and document the full extent of damage. Photographs, videos and written materials can then be used to inform a restoration estimate and claim services.

Mitigation and Cleanup Professionals

A full-service restoration company can also mitigate damage. This may involve boarding up a structure damaged by fire or pumping standing water out of a flooded property. Insurers are more likely to cover a claim if mitigation takes place in a timely manner.

A One-Stop Restoration Shop

Relying on SERVPRO for mitigation, cleanup and restoration can ensure that work is done properly based on a single estimate and schedule. An all-in-one service also prevents lines from getting dropped due to a lack of communication between multiple service providers, which can end up requiring rework or secondary damage restoration.

A local franchise of the leading restoration company has the personnel and equipment necessary to respond quickly to any disaster in Buckingham, FL. Whether a large loss situation has damaged numerous properties or a single home, business or commercial property, a company that offers electronic claim services can maintain the open lines of communication necessary for fast recovery.

Who Should You Call After Property Damage?

3/21/2022 (Permalink)

Fire damage to a property Relying on SERVPRO for mitigation, cleanup and restoration can ensure that work is done properly based on a single estimate and schedule.

Who Should You Contact If Your Property Has Been Damaged?

A property owner may debate whether to contact an insurance representative or restoration company first after property damage occurs. In order to make a claim, it is necessary to document the full extent of damage suffered by a residential or commercial property in Buckingham, FL. Restoration services that provide information to insurers via electronic claim services can be the best first response service.

Emergency Response Services

In the event of a fire, a property owner should call the nearest fire department. Once a blaze has been extinguished or for damage caused by a storm or water leak, a nearby franchise of a national restoration company can arrive on site within a matter of hours and provide several services:

  • Inspection
  • Documentation
  • Mitigation

It is necessary to determine and document the full extent of damage. Photographs, videos and written materials can then be used to inform a restoration estimate and claim services.

Mitigation and Cleanup Professionals

A full-service restoration company can also mitigate damage. This may involve boarding up a structure damaged by fire or pumping standing water out of a flooded property. Insurers are more likely to cover a claim if mitigation takes place in a timely manner.

A One-Stop Restoration Shop

Relying on SERVPRO for mitigation, cleanup and restoration can ensure that work is done properly based on a single estimate and schedule. An all-in-one service also prevents lines from getting dropped due to a lack of communication between multiple service providers, which can end up requiring rework or secondary damage restoration.

A local franchise of the leading restoration company has the personnel and equipment necessary to respond quickly to any disaster in Buckingham, FL. Whether a large loss situation has damaged numerous properties or a single home, business or commercial property, a company that offers electronic claim services can maintain the open lines of communication necessary for fast recovery.

3 Ways SERVPRO Helps With Insurance Claims

3/7/2022 (Permalink)

Trucks from a restoration company SERVPRO supports insurers in a variety of ways, a suite of electronic claims services and an all-in-one approach to mitigation and restoration.

SERVPRO Can Assist With Insurance Claims In Three Ways

Insurance companies prefer to work with mitigation and restoration companies that make it easier to process and settle claims. SERVPRO supports insurers in several ways, including an internal company-wide Participation Agreement that identifies Preferred Vendors, a suite of electronic claim services and an all-in-one approach to mitigation and restoration.

1. Preferred Vendor Program

Insurance jobs are only available to franchises that meet the terms of a 21-point Participation Agreement administered by the national corporation. Franchise owners must agree to perform background checks on employees and maintain insurance coverage. Insurers should also make sure that a franchise has an Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification.

2. Claims Information Center

Insurance agents and adjusters should be able to access claim information and estimates online. The Claims Information Center is an electronic resource designed to reduce communication delays and promote faster claim processing and settlement. A full suite of claim services makes it easy for insurance representatives to compare individual claims with local, regional and national data on causes of loss, job costs and emergency response times. This resource provides access to claim documentation for clients as well as data for a franchise location in Fort Myers, FL.

3. Combined Mitigation and Restoration Services

Insurance claims that involve separate mitigation and restoration companies are likely to be more complicated. In addition to multiple estimates, insurers and clients may also encounter issues such as delays, scheduling discrepancies or miscommunication. Given the time-sensitive nature of limiting and restoring damage, any of these issues may result in a less successful recovery effort. Combining these services allows for a more accurate initial estimate and prevents delays and dropped lines of communication.

These are only three of the ways in which SERVPRO facilitates the processing and settlement of an insurance claim. Property owners and insurance representatives can rely on helpful claim services throughout the mitigation and restoration process.

How Does Pretesting Affect Claims?

3/5/2022 (Permalink)

insurance claim form, paperwork and legal document, accidental and insurance concepts. Pre-testing can identify the presence of additional water or storm damage that might otherwise go unnoticed.

What Impact Does Pretesting Have On Claims?

Pretesting can help to determine the full extent of damage to a property before mitigation starts. This preliminary step may increase the accuracy of an initial estimate and could ultimately reduce the total amount of an insurance claim. Learn more about how early testing can potentially impact a claim.

Improving Estimate Accuracy

Preliminary testing can determine the types and precise extent of damage at a property in Lehigh Acres,FL. This method goes beyond visual inspection. Mitigation experts may take any of the following measures:

  • Testing surfaces for damage
  • Searching for signs of secondary damage
  • Inspecting adjoining areas

Pretesting can identify the presence of additional damage that might otherwise be overlooked. Undetected damage could result in serious problems or significantly increase an estimate if it is discovered during mitigation or restoration.

Identifying Additional Damage

Preliminary testing can also determine whether other types of damage are present. In the case of a fire, this may involve additional smoke or soot damage that has traveled through ductwork to other parts of a structure or water damage from extinguishing efforts. In the event of water or storm damage, mold or other secondary damage could be identified through early testing. This damage can then be factored into an initial estimate and work schedule.

Keeping Work On Schedule

If any additional damage is discovered in the midst of mitigation or during restoration, it may add time to the duration of the process. This may result in higher claim amounts for property insurance and possibly also business interruption. Preliminary testing can account for all of the damage that is present at the start of the process.

All of these factors make pretesting well worth any additional expense or time. A property owner or insurance agent should insist on the importance of a thorough initial inspection, particularly when dealing with major damage caused by fire, water or storms.

3 Types of Repairs You Can Expect During Storm Damage Restoration

1/31/2022 (Permalink)

Lightning storm over city in purple light You can trust our trained team to restore your business or home after a storm, so it's "Like it never even happened."

During Storm Damage Restoration, There Are Three Types Of Repairs To Expect.

When powerful storms impact Fort Myers, FL, they can cause a considerable amount of damage to your commercial property. Downed trees, broken branches and flooding can wreak havoc both inside and out and leave you needing professional help with cleanup efforts, such as tear out and water drainage services. Knowing what to expect before the restoration process begins can help you feel more confident about the outcome and the future of your business.

1. Flood Water Draining

Violent rainstorms can cause localized flooding as creeks and streams overflow their banks and neighborhood sewers back up and overflow into your building. This can cause different types of water damage to your businesses’ building materials, particularly carpeting and drywall. When your remediation service arrives, the first step the technicians will likely take is to drain away the water to prevent mold growth and other types of long-term damage that can be difficult to remove.

2. Removal of Damaged Materials

Once flood water is removed from your business, your storm restoration technicians will probably inspect affected areas to decide which walls and flooring will need tear out service. Removing porous building materials that have been soaked by dirty water can prevent them from weakening over time and trapping foul sewer and mildew odors.

3. Drying and Restoration

Your flood damage and restoration service may bring in tools to dry flooded areas before the technicians begin to replace damaged floors, walls and ceilings. Drying these areas thoroughly can prevent the development of mold, which thrives in damp, humid environments. Once exposed interior walls and floors are properly dried, your technicians will likely finish the job by restoring them and ensuring no trace of the flood remains.

It can be difficult to know what kind of services you need when your Fort Myers, FL, business is damaged by violent storms and flooding. From tear out services to water removal, talking to restoration professionals and understanding the process before they begin may give you greater peace of mind about the repairs.

What Should You Consider Fire Damage?

10/19/2021 (Permalink)

A business damaged by fire If a fire has occurred in your commercial property, call SERVPRO, we can help you to clean and restore your business.

What Should You Think About When It Comes to Fire Damage?

If you have recently experienced a fire in a commercial property in Lehigh Acres, FL, you may not be sure exactly where the fire damage stops and additional or secondary damage starts. Here are a few pointers regarding which types of damage are typically attributed to a fire. Be sure to factor these items in when filing a commercial property insurance claim.

Building materials and structure:

  • Fire may compromise the roof and windows of a building
  • Fire may weaken or otherwise undermine the load-carrying capacity of a building's frame or structure
  • Fire may destroy safety features or other aspects of the property needed to meet commercial building code requirements


  • Fire may damage furniture or fixtures to the point where they need to be replaced
  • Electronics that have sustained fire damage, melted, or become filled with smoke will need to be cleaned or replaced

Lost profits:

  • A fire may prevent you from operating your business as normal schedule

Business interruption insurance coverage can help you cover losses accrued after a fire during the restoration period. This window of time starts after the fire is fully extinguished and continues until the insurance provider deems the property restored. You will need to document fire-damaged building materials and contents that are no longer viable for your insurer to accept and process your claim.

If a fire has occurred in your commercial property, you may be contending with damage caused not only by fire and smoke but by water from suppression systems or fire hoses. It can be very difficult to determine what is or is not fire damage. If you are still not sure, you should rely on the expertise of fire mitigation specialists in Lehigh Acres, FL. These restoration experts can help you provide your insurance adjuster with the information they need to process your claim and restore or replace damaged or lost assets.

3 Common Places Mold Pops Up in a Commercial Building

7/23/2021 (Permalink)

Mold found behind baseboard. Mold found in Buckingham, FL.

Three Common Places Mold Might Grow

From the musty smell to the discoloration it often causes and the water damage that often accompanies its presence, mold growth has no place in your business. Mold can pop up in some of the most unlikely places, but if you have a good understanding of where to begin your search, you stand a much better chance of getting it under control. Here are its three favorite hiding spots.

1. Bathrooms

Wherever there is high humidity, you will likely find mold. This becomes even more likely if the bathroom has hot water, as warm temperatures are another key ingredient for mold growth. Even worse is when mold finds a nice shadowy corner of the dark cavity behind a wet wall to do its dirty work.

2. Water Heaters

Since warmth and water are likely to encourage mold, it comes as no surprise that water heaters are a favorite hangout spot for mold. As water heaters age, they often begin to rust. This can then lead to rupturing and leaks. If these leaks go ignored, not only does the mold problem worsen, but water damage also becomes a concern.

3. Air Conditioners

Yes, believe it or not, your beloved AC units invite mold in. Like water heaters, they often begin to leak, creating just enough moisture for mold to latch on and grow. This can lead to mold in the HVAC system's drain pans, terminal units, or ductwork, or even beneath the carpet of a floor often dampened by the dripping of a wall unit overhead. This constant dripping from AC units can also lead to water damage over time.

Mold growth in commercial buildings of Buckingham, FL, can prove extremely problematic, but knowing the most likely places mold pops up is an excellent proactive start to finding a solution. Still, for those times when you miss the mark, it’s good to know there are restoration companies to get things back to normal.

Components of Proper First Aid Preparation

6/23/2021 (Permalink)

First aid kit supplies There are several essentials that every emergency kit should contain.

Basic First Aid Kit

There are certain things that every business should have on hand. An emergency evacuation chart with clearly outlined procedures should be posted prominently. Building inspection reports and sound safety precautions should be documented. Another thing every business in Charleston Park, FL, should have is a first aid kit. You never know when an emergency is going to happen, so you want to be prepared in case it does. There are several essentials that every emergency kit should contain.

1. Assorted Bandages

If someone gets hurt, there is bound to be a cut or a wound of some sort that needs to be protected. Bandages keep dirt out so that injuries can heal without getting infected. Each kit needs an assortment of gauze pads of various sizes, adhesive bandages of different sizes and a roll of gauze so that size can be customized. It is also important to have adhesive tape to cut the gauze and adjust it to the wound.

2. Sterilization and Ointment

Another key component of any first aid kit is something with which to clean a cut or a wound. Moist towelettes with an antibacterial agent clean the wound. Antibiotic ointment can then be used to help the wound heal and further ensure that infection doesn't set in.

3. Tools

Each emergency kit should have scissors and tweezers to help perform minor procedures such as getting a splinter out of the finger or cutting gauze to fit. Splints can be used to stabilize broken bones until emergency assistance arrives. It's also important to have the equipment to aid in resuscitating an individual who isn't breathing.

4. Protection and Backup

Latex gloves and a resuscitation mask are important additions to the kit because it doesn't help the situation if the person performing first aid gets infected. Every kit should also contain a list of emergency numbers, including police and remediation services.

If you own a commercial property, you are responsible for what happens there. Make sure you are prepared for an emergency by having a well-stocked first aid kit.

Estimating the Cost of Fire Damage

4/30/2021 (Permalink)

Visible damage to a commercial building following a structure fire Commercial fire damage in Mcgregor, FL.

Estimating the Cost of Fire Damage

Fire damage is devastating. Even the smallest fire can result in serious destruction and destroy property, but you can often salvage a lot of materials. By asking the restoration service you choose to send an estimate to your insurance company, you may get much of the work covered under a claim.

Cost Considerations
You will need to consider several things when choosing a remediation company:

  • Licensing
  • Qualifications
  • Additional operating expenses
  • Lost income
  • Odor removal costs

Restoration Costs by Flat Rate
Your renovation expenses often depend on which fire restoration company you choose. The good news is that you usually don't have to pay a contractor by the hour. Most restoration laborers charging an hourly rate ask for at least $65 per hour, so that can raise your bill quickly. Instead, you may pay a flat rate for the project.

Costs by the Square Foot
The larger the fire-damaged area of the building, the higher the restoration costs may total since many companies charge by the square foot. Before you get an estimate, you are probably going to be asked for the square footage of your business.

Costs by Type of Damage
Fires can do a lot of harm. However, the type of damage done often affects the charge for remediation. Sometimes, you will see a lot of property destruction from a small fire. Other times, you will find minimal impairment from a large fire. This damage is caused by more than just flames. Depending on the amount of smoke, soot, water and extinguishing material, your costs can vary.

Insurance and Fires
Your property insurance often pays to remediate damage from a fire to your business in Mcgregor, FL. Read your policy closely to determine if it covers the entire restoration expense or only a specified amount.
There are several ways the pros may estimate charges for commercial fire remediation. Whatever method your local firm uses, make sure you consider all of the costs and payment options.

There are Big Differences Between Storm and Flood Damage

4/16/2021 (Permalink)

Damage to the roof and ceiling of an office following a violent storm Damaged roof and ceiling in a Whiskey Creek, FL office building.

Going about day-to-day activities to keep your Whiskey Creek, FL, business going strong can instantly be threatened when severe weather hits. When there is storm or flood damage, understanding the difference between them is imperative to getting your business back on track and easing the claim process.

Storm Damage

While there is a good chance water damage may be a residual affect after a storm, it is very different from flooding. This kind of damage often results in various types of damage that can range from an easy fix to an extensive repair. Storm damage typically happens from:

  • Thunderstorms
  • Lightning strikes
  • High winds, tornadoes, or hurricanes
  • Hail and ice storms

Extreme winds and hail can wreak havoc on older or improperly installed roofs, windows, and doors. A severe storm can also mean downed lines, flying debris, or tree branches falling. In most cases, this kind of damage will be covered by standard property insurance. It is still important to fully understand your policy to be prepared for what is covered.

Flood Damage

From slow overland floods to flash floods, and possibly even burst pipes, flood damage is in its own realm and requires additional insurance. It is considered a temporary situation that involves an excess inundation of water affecting more than two properties or two or more acres that usually are dry. Businesses located in areas prone to flooding should consider getting extra protection for peace of mind.

Damage Cleanup

When the waters rise, the roof is in shambles or other issues arise, contacting a trusted storm damage restoration specialist is key to getting your business back on track quickly. They have the tools and expertise to make the right repairs, as well as help the claim process go more smoothly.
While flood damage has aftereffects of a storm that can put a damper on business operations, getting the right assistance and understanding your insurance policies can help lessen the downtime.

4 Tips for Keeping Mold Out of Your Rental Homes

2/3/2021 (Permalink)

Baseboard removal due to mold growth If you have found mold in your business it is important to move quickly.

Mold Prevention Tips

The best way to avoid water damage from mold growth is to be very serious about mold prevention. Use the following list of tips to reduce the risk of mold and related damage in your Charleston Park, FL, rental properties:

Inspect Your Property

One of the reasons that mold is a common problem is that it survives well in a variety of situations and especially in dark, out-of-the-way corners. Your very first step should be peeking into those corners, inside closets and cabinets, in the basement, at the foot of the shower, and in the attic. Look for visible signs of mold and for any signs of water or moisture.

Teach Renters To Clean Up Spills and Leaks Immediately

It's easy to think that a spilled glass of water isn't problematic, but, in reality, anytime you leave moist areas in the carpet or watery footprints on the floor of the bathroom, mold could begin to grow. Mold prevention requires that your renters respond immediately to any type of water in places where it shouldn't be. Even in places such as sinks and showers, the humidity levels must be controlled.

Lower the Thermostat and Increase Ventilation

A cozy warm corner with consistent humidity is inviting to mold spores, so keeping your properties a bit cooler during humid weather could reduce the risk of mold. Air flow is effective at reducing humidity in bathrooms and kitchens. Discuss these facts with renters.

Reach Out to Professionals

If there's already mold on the property, contact mold remediation professionals right away. With specialized equipment and training, these technicians can respond thoroughly to existing colonies. It only takes a little hidden spot of mold to grow throughout your rental property.
Use these mold prevention tips to protect your rental property. Thoroughly inspect for water and mold, clean up all moisture, use temperature to resist mold growth, and get help when you need it.

How to Prepare a Fire Escape Plan

1/7/2021 (Permalink)

Fire Drill words in 3d Having a drill at least every six months should be enough

Steps In Creating A Fire Escape Plan For Your Office

Nobody wants to think about a fire occurring in their Lehigh Acres, FL, building. However, it is better to be prepared for any type of emergency. Using the following steps to create a fire escape plan for the office is one way to do this.

1. Locate All Exits
When making your emergency escape plan, you should know where every exit in the building is located. This should include all doors as well as many of the windows. Windows on higher floors are often unsafe for this purpose, but the second floor may be close enough to the ground that the windows are a suitable option.

2. Create Multiple Escape Routes
During a fire, you may not be able to exit the building using the path that you would usually take. Create at least two routes to every exit. This will make it easier for you to get out of the building more quickly and safely.

3. Put Up Maps of the Building
It is particularly useful to have maps of the building on each floor if you often have visitors who do not work there. However, these will also be helpful to those who are more familiar with the layout. It can help you to orient yourself during an emergency if you are thinking less clearly.

4. Have Practice Fire Drills
A fire escape plan will not do much good if you do not practice it regularly. In most cases, having a drill at least every six months should be enough. These should be as realistic as possible so everyone is familiar with the procedure if there is a real emergency. Create a designated meetup area to ensure everyone makes it safely out of the building.
Whether the fire is small or is severe enough to need fire damage remediation services, it is good to be on the safe side. Having a fire escape plan is essential to keeping both you and other workers prepared.

4 Ways a Quick Response Limits Water Damage

11/5/2020 (Permalink)

Burst pipe with water A bursting pipe can cause major damage in your building

Rapid Action Helps In At Least Four Ways

Whether from bursting pipes or a leaky toilet, a water spill in your building has the potential to cause expensive damage. A quick response from an experienced water remediation team is often your best defense against increasing water damage. A local franchise can arrive on-site in a matter of hours and begin to remove water from the facility. 

1. Prevents Mold. Mold grows best in moist conditions. A water leak enables mold spores already on the property in low numbers to proliferate into mold colonies which not only look unpleasant but which can cause damage to a building. A remediation company that removes standing water and dries out areas is likely going to prevent any mold problems.

2. Stops Water Leaks. In the case of bursting pipes, a professional company on scene can take action to stop or reduce the flow of additional water into your building. The ability to fix broken pipe and make other repairs quickly benefits your company and your bottom line.

3. Limits Secondary Damage. Whether large or small, a commercial water leak can break down materials, ruin paperwork and impact electrical systems. The longer standing water remains in a building the more likely it will result in the need for expensive repairs. If the water leak is from a dirty source such as a sewer line or a flood, the damage is likely to occur in a shorter time frame.

4. Reduces Disruptions. Events such as bursting pipes are often disruptive to your employees, your clients and your normal operations. You might not be able to service your customers for days or longer. A fast response takes care of the problem efficiently and allows your company in Buckingham, FL, to get back to full speed. Waiting around to fix a water problem is not a realistic option.

Creating an Emergency Action Plan for Your Business Can Be a Lifesaver

9/21/2020 (Permalink)

Unexpected events are a frequent occurrence in life, but businesses seem to get more than their share. They are so common that, in a given year, emergency expenses usually average out and can be considered a normal cost of doing business. However, some emergencies are more extreme, and having a contingency plan can help mitigate the severity of the damages to both your bottom line and the health and welfare of your employees.

Planning Always Pays Off

Regardless of the size of your business, you should have an evacuation plan in place for common hazards. The plans for Tice, FL, should be specific enough to address events such as:

  • Fire
  • Severe weather
  • An active shooter
  • Robbery

However, an effective plan should also have built-in flexibility to handle circumstances beyond the foreseeable. Planning not only pays off directly in these situations; it keeps employees and management aware that your operation is well-organized and cares about the people there.

Emergency Action Plans

Many businesses covered by OSHA regulations require an emergency action plan (EAP), particularly if the organization has more than 10 employees. This is a well-developed, written contingency plan that employees can use to respond effectively during emergencies. The plan should include:

  1. How and when to report emergencies
  2. Evacuation procedures and escape routes
  3. Fight, flee or shelter in place policies
  4. Training procedures, especially for employees who run critical operations or who stay to respond to emergencies
  5. Names or job titles of specific employees who perform rescue or fire-fighting duties

Creating an EAP contingency plan in Tice, FL, isn’t just for large employers; it’s beneficial for everyone and can even help reduce liability by showing a good-faith effort to do everything possible in an emergency. With adequate training and a solid EAP, you can help avoid injuries and reduce clean-up and restoration costs from fire and water damage. Small and medium-sized businesses can usually come up with a successful plan in as little as 10 or 15 minutes, so it’s well worth your time to address this in advance.

The Cleaning Process After a Commercial Fire

4/20/2020 (Permalink)

man repairing hard drive in service center. Repairing and fixing service in lab. Electronics repair service concept. Electrical systems require the services of an electronics technician

The Cleaning Process After a Commercial Fire

In addition to being a scary event, a commercial fire often results in a comprehensive list of damages to a building. First, there is the damage from the flames, followed by the effects of the fire-fighting efforts, and finally, there are lingering odors from smoke and soot. All of this cleanup calls for the services of a professional fire remediation franchise in Fort Myers Beach, FL. Also, the contents of your building – everything from furniture, carpeting, documents, and computers – need to be looked at and cleaned if possible. Knowing which contents can be cleaned and restored by dry-cleaning, and which ones will have to be replaced, requires training and experience.

Professional Cleaning
If handled properly, the process of content restoration can remove the damage caused by fire, water, and mold. Of course, not all contents can be saved, but a careful test helps technicians determine what can be returned to good condition. Depending on the contents involved, the following methods may be used:

  • Dry-cleaning
  • Spray and wipe
  • Foam cleaning
  • Abrasive cleaning
  • Immersive cleaning
  • Wet cleaning

In some situations, content storage may be beneficial. This process removes items from the damaged property to facilitate a faster cleanup. This also protects contents from further damage until the objects can be returned to the building.

Specialized Cleaning
A few categories of contents require specific techniques to clean without damaging the items. Electrical systems that become damaged in a fire often require the services of an electronics technician. This includes such equipment as televisions, video players and computer components. Damaged photographs and documents may benefit from methods such as air drying, freezer drying or vacuum thermal drying. This is often a delicate process, and although not all materials can be saved, many documents can be restored with care. Professional content cleaning is often effective on clothes that retain smoke odors, while ultrasonic techniques work best for porous items.

Dealing With Water Damage at a Commercial Building

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Inside of flooded dirty abandoned ruined industrial building with water reflection of interior. Flood damage in Fort Myers, FL building

Dealing With Water Damage at a Commercial Building

Water is capable of causing quite a bit of destruction in a short amount of time. Whether it is due to broken pipes or flooding, water damage needs to be dealt with immediately.

Determining the Cause

There are a variety of ways water can sneak into your building and cause damage. The sooner you can locate the problem the sooner you can implement water cleanup procedures. Damage may be due to:

• Flooding
• Bursting pipes
• Leaking Roof
• Malfunctioning HVAC system
• Backed-up water main/sewer

Once you know the source of the water, you can determine what to do next. If it is gray or black water, you are dealing with a much more serious issue. You will most likely need to call a water mitigation specialist in Fort Myers, Florida. Clean water sources can still cause a lot of damage if left unattended, but these types of issues aren’t associated with disease and bacteria.

Flood or Sewage Damage

Flood or sewage backup may contain deadly bacteria that could lead to illness or death. You will need to go beyond simply eliminating the moisture. Certified restoration companies have the appropriate equipment and expertise to deal with the situation. When dealing with a commercial building, it is imperative to reestablish a safe environment for employees and customers.

Clean Water Damage

If you aren’t dealing with gray or black water, the cleanup is a little easier. It is important to dry the area out quickly. Building materials and insulation can wick moisture behind walls and lead to mold. Proper cleanup may require flood cuts and bringing in industrial size fans and dehumidifiers. Professional services are helpful in these situations as well.

If you are dealing with damage from flooding or other water sources, take care of the problem as expeditiously as possible. You want to prevent as much further damage as possible.

What Causes Mold To Smell?

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Woman covering her nose while staring at a wall covered with mold Mold damage in Lehigh Acres, FL

You can surely recognize that musty smell of mold when it hits you. It's unpleasant and can be quite overpowering. You don't want to find mold growing in your Lehigh Acres, FL, building, so if you notice that stagnant smell, which is indicative of mold and moisture, it's important to take action fast. If you're wondering why mold smells that way, or how to keep it at bay, here are some answers for you.

Why Does Mold Smell?

A common misconception about the musty odor of mold is that it's caused by spores being released into the air. In fact, the smell is created as molds release substances called mycotoxins. As the mold goes through its life cycle - eating, growing, and reproducing - it gives off a mixture of chemicals and this is what causes the distinct odor. The molds release the chemicals - and thus the smells - at different stages of their life processes. So, you can have moldy areas that do not smell but still require treatment.

How To Treat Mold

There are many effective methods for cleaning mold infestations. If you suspect mold growth in your building, you should immediately contact experts in water and mold damage restoration to treat your property. Since mold can grow quickly once it is established, it's important to take action as soon as possible. As the mold grows and releases mycotoxins, the air quality in your building suffers. To keep your property safe and clean, it's important to clean up the existing mold, address the mold's source, and also prevent it from coming back. Experts in the remediation industry have specialized training and equipment to handle the situation safely and thoroughly. During the mold remediation process, they will use HEPA air filtration devices to prevent spores from spreading further.
Mold and its mycotoxin release can be scary, so don't delay taking action. Call mold experts at the first sight (or smell) of a mold infestation to manage the situation effectively.

The Different Types of Storm Damage

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Entrance flooded of a business Flooded business in Whiskey Creek, FL

A storm in Whiskey Creek, FL, can quickly do a number on your business. High winds can rip off roofing, hail can damage windows and company vehicles and excessive amounts of water can result in flood damage. The type of damage your business property is impacted by determines to some extent your response. Water damage can be mitigated by calling in a storm remediation team to get rid of the water and take care of safety issues and critical system protection. It's also important to contact your insurance company to see what is covered.

Understanding Flood Insurance

While most instances of storm damage are covered by a typical business insurance policy, flood insurance can be a little more complicated. The National Flood Insurance Program oversees payments for flood damage. The program defines a flood as a temporary condition caused by water or mudflow. Other features of a flood include the following:

  • It involves two or more acres of normally dry land
  • It involves two or more properties
  • It can be caused by hurricanes, rapid rainfall, broken levees and clogged drains

Flooding is not something that happens slowly over time, but is sudden and unexpected. Flood damage refers to harm to the building and its contents from this rapid rise in the waters.

Managing Flood Risk

History is not always the best indicator of your risk level for a flood. Over time things change, including weather patterns. Development near your business can also change the topography of the land and create flood risks that were not present decades ago. Flood maps seek to determine the level of risk of a property based on several factors. This in part determines the policy premium your business will pay for flood insurance. Your company can also mitigate flood damage in a storm by taking precautions beforehand. These measures include anti-flood landscaping, strengthening walls and roofing and maintaining drain systems.

Tips For Stopping a Running Toilet

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Flushometer A flushometer

Tips For Stopping a Running Toilet

Water costs money, so when the bathroom toilets won't stop flushing, money is going down the drain too. In business, every penny is important; therefore, take some time to repair the hardware. Should you experience a toilet overflow, call in a water restoration company in Sanibel, FL, to evaluate any property damage. In the meantime, here are some tips for stopping the constantly running commode.

Gather Supplies

Before you try to stop a toilet, take a few minutes to gather some needed materials. You should have these common items handy:

  • Wrench
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Boots
  • Gloves

Stop the Water

You don't want a toilet overflow, so cutting off the water supply is important. Locate the flushometer on the side, where you'll see a spot for a screwdriver. Grab the flat-head and turn the slot.

Fix a Manual Device

Using the wrench, remove the top from the flushometer. Next, remove the flange cover. You'll see the round object known as a gasket. You might see a small gap on it, referred to as the weep hole. The gasket, including the tiny spot, needs cleaning. Over time, sediment can accrue, preventing proper function. Sometimes removing the gunk can get it back in working order. Just be careful. You don't want to expand or damage the weep hole. Put it all back together, and hopefully, you've avoided a toilet flood.

Fix an Automatic Device

Locate the button you use to flush the toilet. Hold it down for a bit. If you hear a double-clicking noise, you'll need to inspect the diaphragm kit. This step requires removing the flushometer's lid. Take a good look to see if it's dirty. If so, clean it off and see if that fixes the problem. If that doesn't work, consider buying a new part. Another possibility is that the solenoid needs attention. Look over its parts carefully. You may need to move pieces around or find a replacement.
Don't let the water bill rise from a long-running toilet. Try to fix the problem before it becomes a toilet overflow. With the proper tools, you may just get it working properly on your own.

Clean Water Causes Category 1 Water Damage

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Category 3 or black water

Sewage can back up and fill your company’s basement. Rivers can overflow their banks and shut down your operation. Of all possible sources of water damage, that from clean water is the least catastrophic. When it is the culprit, Category 1 water damage is the result.

The Level of Contamination Determines the Category

The clean water supply line to your business is the water main. When it fails due to a broken pipe, the result is most often Category 1 damage. Of the three water damage categories, this is the simplest to remediate. There are, however, circumstances when fresh water causes more serious damage. Some examples of this are:

Freshwater may interact with chemicals stored in your business or used in the manufacturing process. These chemicals contaminate the water and can raise the level to Category 2 or grey water. In extreme cases, toxicity can raise the damage to

Category 3 or black water

Freshwater may mix with and spread sewage from an in-house sewage treatment system. Raw sewage will automatically change the designation to

Category 3, the black water level

Freshwater flooding, without the addition of chemicals or sewage, temporarily causes Category 1 damage. However, a delay in the cleanup may allow the water to spread and absorb toxic elements from your workplace. The water is no longer fresh and the diagnosis changes to Category 2 damage.

It Is Important To Remediate Water Damage Quickly

All forms of water damage have something in common. They set the stage for mold growth. It is important to remove this moisture as quickly as possible. Moisture removal will prevent mold from establishing a foothold. Out-of-control mold is one of the worst problems that a business can experience.
When a clean water or other of flood moves in on your Tice,FL, area business, help is close at hand. There are water damage remediation experts in the area who are ready to use their equipment and experience to get your business up and running again.

Prepare Your Business for Flood Damage

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Preparing your business for Storm and Flood Damage can minimize the cost of restoration and repair.

Flooding in Fort Myers, FL can lead to a lot of flood damage. Sewage buildup, leakage, and storm damage can ruin buildings and destroy businesses. It’s important to be ready in the event of a flood so that your business can minimize the cost of restoration and repair. If you are preparing for a storm, here are four things you can do.

4 Ways To Prepare for Flood Damage

  1. Move Furniture and Electronics

You can reduce the risk of damage to your building by moving any furniture and utilities to a higher level. Items such as computers, important documents, and machinery should be moved up to a floor that is less likely to receive damage. If you are concerned about your electronics, try to back up all important data needed for the business so that you don’t lose anything that is vital to your company’s success.

  1. Manage Your Insurance Policy

It’s nearly impossible to completely protect your commercial building from a severe storm, so it’s important to have insurance that covers the damage. Flood insurance can provide the financial means to handle the cost of repairs. Standard insurance policies don’t normally cover flooding, so consider this type of insurance if the risk of water damage is high.

  1. Evacuate Before the Rain Starts

When flooding occurs, your employees and customers come first. Evacuate the building before there is any sign of floodwater. Train your workers beforehand so that they know how to escape the building and where to find higher ground. Keeping people safe is a top priority in the event of a flood, and by having an evacuation plan, you can prevent chaos and confusion from erupting.

  1. Keep Your Gutters and Storm Drains Clear

You can keep the storm damage to a minimum by cleaning your gutters and drains. These structures are made to direct water away from the weakest parts of your building. If gutters get clogged, the water can overflow and lead to more destruction.

There are many things you can do to prevent flooding and minimize water damage. By taking these precautions, you can ensure the safety of your employees as well as the preservation of your property and data.

The Benefits of Interruption Coverage for Your Business

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Commercial fire clean up in a Lehigh Acres, FL

A fire in your commercial building can wreak havoc on your business plan. In addition to calling fire restoration services as soon as possible to get repairs started, you need a good business interruption policy to help sustain you until those repairs are finished. Interruption coverage for your business in Lehigh Acres,FL, has several benefits.

Monthly Expenses

Even if your building is out of commission, that doesn’t mean those monthly bills magically disappear. You are likely still responsible for many of the same expenses that you have when your building is fully functional. These expenses may include:

  • Employee wages
  • Insurance premiums
  • Rent
  • Equipment leasing
  • Business loan payments

A solid business interruption policy can cover your expenses. This means you don’t have to worry about whether or not you can stay current on your financial obligations.

Relocation Costs

Depending on the severity of the damage sustained from the business fire, you may need to move the daily activity of your business elsewhere for a while. If damage is extensive, it may take weeks to get your business up and running in its rightful location again. Most businesses cannot afford to be out of commission for that long a period of time. Your interruption insurance can help with the costs of temporary relocation, allowing you to continue operations while your building is being restored.

Revenue Guarantee

Even if you do relocate your business, the change is likely to result in a dip in your income. While your property insurance covers the actual fire cleaning process, an interruption policy can cover any revenue you lose as a result of the fire. The insurance company takes into account projections of how much you would have made if the accident had not occurred to determine how much it will pay.

Whether you own or rent your building, business interruption insurance is necessary. It can protect you from financial loss from a delay in operations in the event of a fire, flood or natural disaster.

How To Tell If Water Damage Is Category 3

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The most severe type of water damage is Category Three. Flood water and water from a toilet overflow are both in this category. Consider the following factors to determine whether Category Three water damage is present in a commercial structure.

What Is the Source?

Three categories are used to classify water damage. These include:

• Category One water, which is clean and treated
• Category Two water, which may contain chemicals or microbes
• Category Three water, which may contain contaminants and solid waste

Category One water damage usually results from a supply line break. Category Two water, also referred to as gray water, may come from an appliance leak or a backed-up shower. Category Three water, also known as black water, is typically flood water or originates from a sewer backup.

How Long Has Water Been Standing?

The condition of water left standing will deteriorate after about 48 hours, regardless of the original source. This may be caused by contact with:

• Building materials
• Contaminants
• Contents

A building owner or facility manager should quickly eliminate standing water and promote drying. This can limit primary damage and prevent secondary damage, such as mold growth.

Which Cleaning Method Is Recommended?

If a building has Category Three water damage, several stages of cleaning will be necessary. These may include:

• Removing water
• Tearing out porous building materials
• Cleaning and disinfecting the area
• Drying the area

Porous materials such as drywall and contents such as carpet will probably not be able to be thoroughly disinfected. These materials and contents should be torn out and replaced. Restoration should only proceed after an area has completely dried. Otherwise, the risk of mold growth may persist.

Category Three flood water or water from a toilet overflow can cause extensive damage at a commercial building in Charleston Park,FL. An owner may want to rely on the expertise of water damage restoration professionals.

3 Ways To Prepare for High Winds

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Prepare for high winds in Lehigh Acres,FL

High winds can cause extensive damage to a commercial property. If a hurricane, tornado, or strong winds tear off roofing materials or flying debris breaks a window, this can compromise the integrity of the building envelope and lead to significant storm or water damage. Here are three ways to prepare for intense wind or hurricane damage.

1. Inspect the Building

Schedule regular inspections of a commercial property to ensure that the exterior is in good shape and ask about ways to fortify a building against winds. Openings such as doors and windows and the roof are some of the most important and vulnerable parts of any structure. Strong winds can rip off shingles or other roofing materials and a hurricane or tornado can even tear the roof off of a building.

2. Install Shutters or Board Up Windows

Heavy winds tend to pick up debris that can break windows. If your property is located in a region with a high risk of hurricane damage, you should consider investing in the installation of storm shutters. You can also protect the interior of a building by boarding windows up with plywood.

3. Reduce Potential Debris

Heavy tree branches can fall and damage the roof or structure of a building. Have dead or overhanging branches trimmed on a regular basis. You should also strap down or store outdoor objects such as trash containers or moveable seating when the forecast calls for high winds. Planning ahead can help to limit the amount of wind damage a building sustains.

If flying debris compromises any part of the building envelope, it may result in flooding if rain is present. In addition to storm damage, this exposure can raise the risk of mold. Quickly resolve wind or hurricane damage by relying on the expertise of a commercial storm damage cleanup and restoration company located in Lehigh Acres,FL.

Is a Small Business Claim Hiding in Your Pipes?

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Water related damage can cause a burden on your business

Plumbing problems in your building can hit your pockets hard. Insurance provider The Hartford released a study showing that the eighth most expensive business claim is freezing pipes and water damage. The average claim is $17,000. Any business in Ft. Myers, FL, is at risk of unforeseen plumbing hazards. Keep reading to learn more about preventing these costly mishaps.

Plumbing Disaster Prevention

A pipe break in your building isn't fun — and neither is filing a business insurance claim. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reduce the possibility of ending up in this situation. Consider following these simple maintenance tips:

• Place non-waterproof items above floor level
• Seal gaps and cracks in your property's foundation and exterior
• Know how to turn off the building's main water supply after a pipe breaks
• Remove snow and ice from the roof
• Clear drains, downspouts and gutters
• Keep the building's heating at or above 55 degrees
• Cover and insulate exposed pipes

Business Insurance Coverage

Commercial property insurance may omit coverage for water damage, depending on its source. For instance, the policy may cover costs associated with pipe breaks but not rainfall, flooding or sewage backups. In most cases, mold-related hazards are excluded. However, you can have your insurer add this coverage to your policy, which is known as an endorsement or "rider." So, if you need to file a business claim, you can have confidence knowing your merchandise, paperwork, furnishings and building are well-protected.

Water-related damage can take a huge bite out of your profits. You need insurance so if you have to file a business claim you'll be covered. Also, take preventive measures to avoid the hassle of pipes freezing and bursting. If you do encounter a major emergency, it's ideal to bring in a reputable commercial cleanup company in Ft. Myers, FL, to handle the job. By doing this, you can return to the daily operations of your business much faster.

For more on Ft. Myers click here

3 Ways Professionals Contain Mold During Cleanup

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Mold contamination is the last thing your Fort Myers, FL business wants to face. But when the near ubiquitous spores have found a dark, damp place to thrive in your building, you may soon be faced with the immediate and pressing need of remediation.

Mold is a fungal presence that can cause immense property damage to the surface it’s growing on. To limit the possibility of cross-contamination with unaffected areas of the building, a professional mold cleanup team can utilize a variety of containment methods during the cleanup process:

1. Shutting Off HVAC Units

Once mold is present, it is vital to shut off all air circulation units. The microscopic spores can be carried along the slightest of breezes, and should they come in contact with other damp places within your property, mold is likely to grow. Rather than encourage the dispersal of spores through airwaves, all fans should be turned off along with the heating and cooling systems.

2. Isolating the Affected Area

Dependening on the size of the affected area, various tactics may be utilized to isolate the contaminated space from the rest of the property. All doors and windows should be shut, and a single layer of polyethylene sheeting may be used to seal the space off.

For extensive mold growth or contaminated areas larger than 100 square feet, a negative air chamber can be built to restrict airflow from escaping the room. Double layers of polyethylene sheets and physical barriers can form a sealed entrance for workers during the entirety of the mold cleanup process.

3. Wearing Full Personal Protective Equipment

Mold spores can be carried on shoes and clothing, making full protective gear a must during cleanup. Disposable clothing including a bodysuit, shoe covers and hair nets shield the body from exposure. Goggles, gloves and a respirator mask provide further protective cover.

IICRC certified companies will have the materials to create a well-contained mold cleanup area. This can ensure mold doesn’t become the new business owner you didn’t ask for! Visit for more information on mold. 

The Six Steps of Water Mitigation After a Pipe Bursts

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Give SERVPRO a call if you experience water damage in your business.

If your business experiences a serious plumbing failure, such as a supply line leaking or a burst water pipe, the damage can seem catastrophic. Once you’ve turned off the main water supply to stop the water flow, you may feel overwhelmed or confused about what to do. Instead of struggling to clean it up yourself, call water mitigation specialists in Fort Myers, FL. They can handle a pipe burst cleanup quickly and efficiently so that you don’t lose time and business. When you call for help, these are the six steps you can expect during the water mitigation procedure.

1. Inspection and Assessment

The first thing water mitigation specialists will do when you call is come and inspect the damage. Once they have assessed the extent of the damage, they can formulate a comprehensive plan for the water cleanup and restoration.

2. Source Identification

If you haven’t already located the pipe or supply line that caused the flooding, water mitigation specialists can help you. You will almost certainly need to bring in a plumber to make the necessary repairs.

3. Water Extraction

It’s critical that the pipe burst cleanup begin as quickly as possible to limit the water damage and the secondary mold damage that can occur if water is allowed to sit. Experts come with specialized equipment, such as submersible pumps and wet vacs, to extract all the standing water.

4. Drying

Even after the standing water has been removed, everything will still be wet. Industrial strength fans and dehumidifiers will be deployed to dry everything out as quickly as possible to avoid mold growth and prevent continued water damage to building materials.

5. Cleaning

Wet materials can develop an unpleasant odor. Upholstery, carpets and other materials may need to be professionally cleaned and sanitized to remove any smells.

6. Restoration

Water can warp wood and cause drywall to crack and crumble. If building materials have been affected, a team of water mitigation specialists in Fort Myers, FL can replace them. Once they’ve completed this step in the pipe burst cleanup process, your business will be back to its original state. Visit for more information on commercial water damage. 

When a Pipe Breaks, Act Fast

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Bursting pipes can cause a lot of damage, especially when the water or the pipe is not dealt with quickly. To prevent significant water damage from ruining your structure, there are steps you need to take as soon as possible:

• Identify the source of the issue
• Turn off the main water valve
• Fix the broken pipe
• Look out for and remove safety hazards (if you can do so safely)
• Call a Fort Myers, FL water damage restoration team

Mitigate Damage Before Help Arrives

While your local water remediation team should arrive within hours of your phone call, a few hours can mean the difference between mold growth and a mildew-free building. In the meantime, act as your own handyman and get to work.

First, shut off the water supply to your building. Open up a faucet to relieve any pressure that may build up while the supply line is off. If you cannot fix the bursting pipes on your own, call a plumber. Fixing the source of the problem is key, as remediation efforts will be for naught if the same issue happens when you turn the water back on.

Turn up the heat in your building and start getting rid of water. Use towels, buckets, a sump pump, fans and any other moisture wicking methods at your disposal. If it’s nice outside, open a window. If the pipes burst inside a vanity or beneath a sink, open cabinet doors and let the warm air flow in there.

Depending on how bad the damage is, you may not be able to do much beyond the aforementioned steps. However, your Fort Myers, FL  water damage team should be arriving any minute, so sit back and wait for help. If you acted quickly, they should have to do nothing more than give you the OK to start cleaning and to provide advice on how to prevent broken pipes in the future. Visit for more information on commercial water damage. 

How To Take Care of Smoke Damage in Your Building

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A commercial fire in Ft. Myers, FL is an unfortunate situation for any business owner to deal with, even if it isn’t your business. Another part of the building that is not insured under your policy, for example, can still cause severe smoke damage in your area. Some business owners assume this isn’t a covered loss, when, in reality, the majority of commercial fire policies often cover similar losses. If you happen to find yourself in a situation where you have smoke damage from a fire you didn’t cause, here are a few pointers to make sure the damage gets taken care of.

Contact Your Insurance Company

The first thing you should do if you aren’t sure about what your insurance policy covers is to contact your insurer. Scanning your policy can be frustrating, especially when trying to navigate complex insurance jargon. Ask your agent or broker what your policy coverage entails, specifically regarding smoke damage. With a better understanding of your insurance policy, you will have a firmer handle on how to move forward and on what is covered, for future reference. Your insurance company may also refer you to licensed disaster restoration professionals who can treat the affected area of your building.

Choose a Reputable Restoration Company

Disaster restoration companies are a dime a dozen, and it’s important to make sure you’re choosing one with a good reputation and ethical standards. As mentioned before, your insurance company may refer one to you, but most insurers will not require you to use their recommendation.

Let the Professionals Handle It

One of the biggest mistakes you could make with smoke cleaning is to do it yourself. Without a professional background in restoration, you could end up doing more harm than good. A licensed restoration professional will assess the affected area for soot damage with state-of-the-art, high-tech equipment that will help them to determine which areas and items are salvageable and which need to be completely replaced. Visit for more information on commercial fire damage.

What To Do After a Fire in Your Building

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What To Do After a Fire

Even if you plan to be prepared for an emergency, no one plans to have to endure a fire. The most prepared people will still find themselves going through the same stages of loss and shock that affect everyone else. Being prepared does offer advantages, though. It gives you the opportunity to create a plan you can follow easily, so you are not stuck trying to solve problems in the moment. Knowing who to call for fire restoration, making sure your fire insurance fully covers your assets, and making a plan for all the services you might need in an emergency relieves those pressures.

Steps To Take After the Fire

Understanding the basic steps you need to take to be safe after a fire in Fort Myers, Florida allows you to be prepared to take them.

Assess everyone for injuries, contact 911, and make sure anyone who is hurt has medical attention.
Stay out of fire-damaged homes until the authorities give you the all-clear to re-enter.
Contact your insurance company to find out about the next steps for filing a claim and getting cleaning services.
Coordinate with loved ones and insurance contacts to move forward with smoke cleaning and restoration.

Having these steps in place can help you feel peace of mind.

Creating the Backbone of Your Plan

For a plan like this to work, you need to have the right resources in place to manage your fire risks, and you need to have the contact information for those resources on hand. Make a fire preparedness plan that gives you easy access to the following items so that you will be ready:

Contact information for your insurance company’s claims department
Contact information for a restoration company with local service
A number or location for a safe place to stay if your home can not be re-entered

By taking these steps, you can make sure your access to fire restoration and other support services is ensured, making it easier to recover from a fire in Fort Myers, FL.
Visit for more information on fire damage.