Water Damage Photo Gallery

Small business water damage with damaged ceiling

Collapsed Ceiling Water Damage

Unexpected Damages

This small business had the roof collapse after the weight of water damage became too much. They called SERVPRO of Central Ft. Myers were to the job immediately and began the cleanup and restoration process before further damage occurred. We are on call 24/7 and ready to respond to your disaster as soon as possible!

Water damage in small bathroom

Bathroom Flooded

We're Here to Help

The water damage in a small business can sometimes happen due to a plumbing issue. When your restroom causes unexpected water damage, call our team at SERVPRO of Central Ft. Myers. We are on call 24/7 and ready to respond to your disaster as soon as possible!

Water damage in small local business

Water Damaged Small Business

Local Restoration Service

Our team at SERVPRO loves to help out small businesses in the Central Ft. Myers area. This local insurance company had some water damage in the office. We were on the job in no time to extract and dry the water. 

Ceiling fixed after water damage

Ceiling Fully Restored

Our Hard Work

This insurance company had their ceiling collapse due to water damage. The ceiling was fully restored in a timely manner so this business could get back up and running. SERVPRO of Central Ft. Myers is always here to help. 

fans on carpet drying excess water at an insurance company

Commercial Water Damage

We Can Restore

This auto insurance company suffered from water damage over night. Our team at SERVPRO of Central Ft. Myers was on the scene as soon as possible with all the necessary equipment to dry and remove excess water. 

water damage floor

Living Room Water Damage

Residential Restoration

SERVPRO of Central Ft. Myers responded immediately to begin clean up after a water loss.  There was standing water throughout the living room and hall. The water was removed and dried properly with air movers and dehumidifiers were put in place to help prevent secondary damages. 

carpet water damage

Closet Water Damage

Damaged Carpets

SERVPRO of Central Ft. Myers responded to this home with multiple rooms suffering from a water loss.  The carpet, pad and baseboard was pulled up for drying to prevent further damages. 

air movers placed after water loss

Kitchen Water Damage

Fort Myers, FL Water Loss

This kitchen suffered from a water loss. SERVPRO of Central Ft. Myers is the leader in the water restoration industry. The owner was very satisfied with the immediate response from the team and quick to complete the drying process. 

air mover placed for drying

Equipment in place

Bathroom Flood Damage, Fort Myers, FL

After a bathroom flood, SERVPRO of Central Ft. Myers responded quickly and begin clean up.  The air movers were put in place for drying. Baseboards were removed also to prevent further damages to the drywall. 

exposed pipe and drywall

Water Pipe Break

Water Pipe Break

After a pipe break behind the wall the drywall and flooring suffered from water damage.  SERVPRO responded and quickly began water mitigation.  The drywall was removed, repaired the pipe and began drying and prepping for new drywall. 

Leaking Washer Water Loss

This laundry room suffered from a water loss after a washer leak.  There was a significant amount of water in the floor leading down the hall.  SERVPRO responded and began mitigation procedures. 

Water Damage Laundry Room

After significant water damage to the floor, SERVPRO responded and quickly began clean up procedures. They arrived immediately to access and clean after the leak. They removed baseboards to dry behind the walls to prevent from further damage.

Garage Water Damage

This garage suffered from water damage after a pipe break.  There was significant amount of water in the floor.  SERVPRO responded and immediately began mitigation.  They used air movers to dry the floor to prevent future damages. 

What to do if a water line breaks?

If you have a water line break in your laundry room, it is important to make sure the main water line is shut off immediately to determine where the water is coming from. Sometimes the line can be broken in the wall or right at the source. 

What is the best way to clean up water damage?

If you have water damage, it is important to clean up the damages quickly. Once the water is cleaned up, it is important to get drying equipment in place to get the facility dried as quickly as possible.