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Factors That Affect the Amount of Time Needed for Commercial Mold Removal

4/9/2019 (Permalink)

If you have mold damage in your Tice, FL home have SERVPRO of Central Ft. Myers remove it

When mold is present in your business in Tice, FL, it’s likely that you will be eager to begin the remediation process as soon as possible. However, the amount of time required for mold removal depends on several factors.

1. Size of the Affected Area

The area affected by mold growth will affect how much time it will take to restore the building. If mold has not spread throughout the building and is contained to one area, removal can take as little as three days. However, if mold is present in drywall, on ceilings and in air ducts, it will likely take longer for mold remediation specialists to bring down the number of mold spores to an appropriate level.

2. Type of Mold

The type of mold that is present in a building can also affect mold removal. Whereas less harmful types of mold may be significantly easier to remove, removing black mold can be an extensive process. In order to remove this type of mold, professionals will need to use specialized equipment and also will likely need to take additional precautions to ensure that they remain safe throughout remediation. In some situations, there may be several types of growth in a business, which may require specialists to use a variety of removal techniques.

3. Additional Damage

Mold often occurs after an area has been affected by water damage. Whether water damage is caused by flooding, a pipe leak or a broken appliance, it’s important for all aspects of the building to be inspected to ensure the business will be safe to reopen. If a building has been damaged structurally, mold remediation can take a week or more to complete.

The mold removal process can vary greatly from property to property. The amount of time it takes for mold to be removed from a business will vary depending on the size of the area that’s affected by mold, the type of mold and whether or not there is any additional damage.

How To Tell the Difference Between Mold and Mildew

1/22/2019 (Permalink)

Act fast when you have mold in your Fort Myers, FL home

Difference Between Mold And Mildew

Although the terms mold and mildew are often used interchangeably, there are some differences between the two. Unless you are a microbiologist, you probably can’t identify the exact variety of fungus you may have in your house in Fort Myers, FL , but you can still learn about the basic differences and why it matters to you to prevent mold damage.

Helpful Questions

When you see a fungus growing in your home, you can ask yourself some questions to help you distinguish between mold and mildew.

  •  What color is it?
  •  Mildew growth is white, but molds can be a   variety of colors including black, red, green,   or blue.

  •  Is it fuzzy?
  • Organisms in the fungus family are defined by  having long filaments (hyphae), but mildew is less fuzzy than most molds.

  • Does it seem to be deeply rooted or just on the surface?
  • Mildew tends to be more superficial, while mold growth is usually deeper.

Why You Should Learn the Difference

Why does it matter if you have mildew or mold? Well, mildew is usually a lot easier to clean up. You can often use a solution of bleach or other disinfectant to scrub it off a surface.

Mold is a bigger problem because spores are everywhere in the environment, and they only need a moist area and organic food source to survive and reproduce. Mold is also very difficult to control due to the deep root system and the fast reproduction cycle. It can easily turn into a mold damage problem.

You need to act fast to get control of a mold problem in your home. Hiring a professional mold remediation company is the best way to get it done quickly and effectively. These experts have specialized equipment and take the necessary precautions, like the use of negative air chambers, to minimize the spread of mold spores while mitigating mold damage.

Renter’s Insurance Covers Mold in Common-Sense Situations

9/11/2018 (Permalink)

Moldy wall damage

Defense against mold in a multiple dwelling is a team effort. It’s you, your fellow tenants and your landlord vs. the mold. Your role is to make mold unwelcome in your living space. Rental insurance is your partner but there are some simple but important rules to remember.

1. If You See Mold and Plan to File a Claim, Contact Your Agent Immediately

Relatively speaking, mold damage starts small and gets worse in slow motion. If you deal with a mold problem right away, it’s probably an easy cleanup. If you are slow to file a claim, the mold will continue to grow, and the delay will increase the risk of having the insurance company deny it. Their position will be that any increase in damage from the time that you first observed it to the time you filed the claim is your responsibility. (Hint: When you file the claim, take pictures of the mold so that the adjuster can see the extent of the damage at the time you reported it.)

2. Mold Cleanup Is Covered If the Original Water Damage Was Covered

If your space has experienced water damage, and if the repair of water damage was covered by your rental insurance, then any mold that grows because of the residual moisture is also covered. This, of course, assumes that you report it to the insurance company right away.

3. Some Mold Cleanup Is Not Covered

Not all rental policies are alike. Your agent can help you understand under what circumstances mold removal is and is not covered. One example of mold damage probably not covered is mold that results from flooding. Another is mold that appears in bathrooms and other areas that are inherently moist.

Mold Cleanup Needs to Happen Quickly

It should be removed quickly and completely, and your rental insurance is there to help. Local mold removal specialists are available in Ft. Myers, FL, to do the work and get it right the first time.

For more on Ft. Myers click here.

What to do when you find Mold in Your Home in Ft. Myers, FL

9/5/2018 (Permalink)

A mold covered home in Ft. Myers. This home was cleaned and the mold removed.

You have been doing a great work, maintaining your Ft Myers, FL home, the last thing you want is to see is mold or mildew infesting the whole place. Not to mention the health impacts that these allergens have on your health. Therefore, it is important to keep inspecting your home for any signs of this allergens is important. Here are a few tips to Ft Myers mold remediation.

Check for Source of Moisture

If you are having an Estero fungi problem in your home, it definitely means that area has moisture thus, the first thing you need to do is check for the source of moisture. Otherwise, you will never really get rid of the fungi. Because even if you do manage, it will coming back. In most cases, poor ventilation, leaky basements, roofs, foundations or taps are the main cause. If you identify the source of moisture, have it fixed immediately.

Call a Ft. Myers, FL Environmental Hygienist

Sometimes when you identify microbial growth, it does not necessarily mean that it is fungi or mildew. You need to have a Lehigh Acres environmental hygienist come and check it out to ascertain. Then, you can call a fungi remediation expert. Hiring a Mold Remediation expert If you are sure that it really is it, you should immediately telephone your Estero mildew remediation expert.

You cannot just decide to take care of the fungi or mold yourself. Getting rid of these allergens follows a complex process and trying to do it yourself ill just be jeopardizing the health of your family members. An expert ill ensure that the process is done safely, to ensure that your family’s health is not jeopardized while at the same time ensuring that the problem doesn’t recur. Sealing The first thing your Ft. Myers Beach remediation expert will do is containing the area containing this allergens. This will prevent spores from spreading from this area to other areas of the house. Vacuum Vacuuming is the next step. However, it is important to note that not any vacuuming is ideal for this situation.

Also, they should remove any furniture or equipment that had been affected by this allergens. They should ensure that these items are sealed while being removed. Drying The last step is to dry the area. Ensure that it is thoroughly dried using dehumidifiers. The Naples’ drying process will ensure that the microbial growth doesn’t recur. For more information involving disaster relief services in your home or business, please visit

The Right Way to Go About Mold Remediation and Removal

6/29/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Growth in Fort Myers home.

It impossible to remove all mold in a home because of the nature of their microscopic spores that naturally occur inside and outside houses. Mitigation of the infection can occur by controlling and not always removal, as most businesses owners claim. It is important therefore for people to note that microbial growth can be controlled to reasonable or habitable amounts. One of the surest way to achieve this is by hiring an environmental hygienist.

Mold Remediation and Removal

A qualified mold mitigation company understands the science of mold and mold growth which they incorporate in their mold cleanup process. The company is also likely to know the difference between fungus and other microbial growths that could be growing in your house.

It is possible that the problem may be a mildew or fungus infestation but it’s being interpreted as something else. Mold cleanup needs to start with proper assessment of the infestation for proper mitigation to take place.

Hire professionals

An infection might sound hyped and overrated but it is still an important issue. Unfortunately, most people make the mistake of fixing it alone without verifying if it is really a fungus infection or mildew. This translates to wasting time and money not to mention the frustration that they get when the problem does not seem to go away.
One of the surest ways to control the infestation is to have an environmental hygienist to check out the problem. This specialist is trained and skilled in microbial growth and he or she will likely identify and tell apart mildew and fungus. Proper mold cleanup calls for this sacrifice.

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Understand the mitigation procedure

6/29/2018 (Permalink)

Fort Myers home with mold damage.

While microbial growth may be handled in any way that the environmental hygienist decides, it is important for people to know how to start the mold cleanup process to guarantee effectiveness.
First you need to call the environmental hygienists to identify the microbial growth and ascertain that it is not fungus or mildew.

  • Thorough inspection
  • Containment of the infection

Knowing what to do with the guidance of an environmental hygienist is great. However, those affected need to know more than just telling apart the different infections. This comes in handy when you have to hire a new contractor to take care of the remediation and cleaning after the infection.

  • Understand that it can occur anywhere
  • The pores are microscopic and they get into your home through any way
  • Moisture makes the spores grow and thrive into colonies
  • It is easy to identify growth thanks to the musky smell
  • Fungus and mildew can be confused for molding since they almost give the same signs once they affect your property, get an environmental hygienist to verify and propose appropriate mitigation strategies.

Mold cleanup can happen anywhere with proper identification. Homeowners need to invest in proper mitigation, which starts by getting an environmental expert in your local Fort Myers.

Beginners Guide to Cleaning Small Areas of Mold

5/12/2018 (Permalink)

Give SERVPRO a call if you notice mold growing in your home.

When you think of house mold in Fort Myers, FL you may picture huge sections of fungus growth that have practically taken over the home. However, mold does not have to come in large groups. If you catch the problem early enough, you may find small amounts of mold growth. Even small areas of mold should be cleaned by a professional mold removal team. Typically, this problem is addressed through a variety of steps.

• Increase the ventilation. Certain areas of your home may be more susceptible to mold growth than others. Your bathroom, for example, may have a mold problem that keeps coming back. You can address this issue by increasing the ventilation in the space.
• Clean regularly. In those areas prone to mold, you should also try to clean regularly. Doing normal cleaning can help reduce moisture buildup and remove unseen mold spores. If you notice mold, it may be time to call in the professional help.
• Don't cover it up. If you barely have any house mold, it may be tempting to simply paint over it. However, you need to remove the growth before painting or caulking. If you skip straight to the cover up, your paint will start to peel off.
• Stop moisture problems. Even small sections of fungal growth are likely caused by excess humidity and water. If you want to clean up your home, you need to fix any leaks and address humidity issues.
• Use the proper cleaning agent. Experts know how to get mold off of hard surfaces and porous materials. Using the right cleaning agent can make it easier to completely remove the mold growing in your house.

No matter how much house mold you find in your living space, you need to make sure it is cleaned up as quickly as possible. Small sections of mold growth still require the proper knowledge to ensure the issue is taken care of correctly right away. Visit for more information on mold. 

3 Important Reasons To Have Your Business Checked for Mold

4/15/2018 (Permalink)

Protecting the safety and soundness of your Fort Myers, FL business property is probably a major priority for you. With all the time and money you have put into it, preventing the presence of damaging substances, such as mold, can be well worth the effort. If you suspect you may have a mold problem, then there are several important reasons you should call in an indoor environmental specialist as soon as possible.

1. Unseen Mold Can Spread Quickly

A company that specializes in mold inspection and remediation can look beneath the surface of your business and find mold growth where it might be thriving unseen. Since most types of fungus do not need sunlight to grow, they can spread in dark places, such as inside interior walls or inside plumbing cabinets. The sooner your indoor environmental specialist uncovers this mold, the sooner it can be removed.

2. Minor Floods Can Breed Mold

Having a mold test after any size flood can be an important step in preventing fungus from taking hold at your business. Even minor floods, such as those caused by a broken pipe in a restroom, can create conditions that are ideal for mold to grow. If your business experiences a flood, it is a good idea to have your property tested, even if you do not see any immediate or obvious evidence of mold.

3. Large Colonies Can Be Difficult To Destroy

Detecting and removing mold before it can spread and grow can be vital when it comes to removing it from your building completely. Once it thrives and grows behind walls or in your building’s basement or its insulation, removing it can be both time-consuming and costly. Investing in semiannual mold checks could save you a great deal of hassle later.

Protecting your Fort Myers, FL commercial property from mold may be simpler than you think. Having your property inspected by a qualified indoor environmental specialist and being proactive about the possible presence of fungi in your building can protect your business from long-term damage. Visit for more information on mold damage. 

Best Ways To Keep Mold out of Your Bathroom

3/26/2018 (Permalink)

This is a recent job where SERVPRO of Central Ft. Myers responded to a water loss in a bathroom in Ft. Myers.

Your bathroom is one of the most commonly used rooms in your house. This place gets a lot of traffic and use, especially if you have a large family. It’s important to keep the bathroom free from mold growth, as this can lead to the need for expensive cleanup. Of course, mold is unsightly as well, and it can be embarrassing to have anywhere in your home. There are many ways mold can find its way into your bathroom, especially when you’ve had water damage. If you want to keep this problem at bay in your Fort Myers, FL home, make sure you follow some basic guidelines.

Take Care of Leaks

What may seem like a small problem such as a dripping faucet or a slow leak can turn into a huge issue. One of the most effective measures of mold prevention is repairing plumbing problems in your toilet, sink or shower, or with any pipes. Don’t put this off another day.

Wash Your Towels Frequently

Make sure you keep your used towels out in the open instead of in cupboards. Damp towels need to air out. You also must wash your towels regularly to prevent mold growth. Make sure you also send your rugs to the laundry room.

Keep Your Shower Clear

While water damage is an obvious cause for concern, simple things like leaving shampoo bottles and wash cloths in your shower can attract mold. If you want to eliminate this problem from your Fort Myers, FL home and bathroom, store your bathing items elsewhere and only bring them out when it’s time to shower.

Clean Regularly

You should be cleaning your bathroom as often as possible anyway, but it’s critical if you want to ward off mold.

• Spray your tub and shower with commercial cleaner
• Mop your floors
• Organize and wipe down cabinets and cupboards

Don’t let water damage and other problems bring mold to your bathroom. Use these methods to keep this room looking great. Visit for more information on mold. 

What To Do If You Spot Mold In Your Home

8/18/2017 (Permalink)

What To Do If You Spot Mold In Your Home

Mold is an ugly and unsightly presence in a home. It is a substance that can invade even the cleanest and tidiest of domiciles. If you live in an area that tends toward extremes in heat and humidity, you must be especially alert to the onset of mold growth. The greenish-yellowish substance that spreads slowly in the cracks and crevices of various surfaces of your home is mold. The off-white discoloration covering the walls of your attic and basement is mold growth. In every instance, it is to be dealt with immediate and decisively or it will spread and damage the interior of your home.

Mold is born of fungus and mildew that, nourished by air and water in various forms, grows into the unwanted substance that can cause significant damage to your home.
Black mold, mold behind your wall, mold anywhere in your home can not only lead to the rotting away of the structural integrity of your home it can also lead to a smelly odor—the kind of thing that makes your home unpleasant to live in.

The sprouting up of light mold in a few places in your house can be easily dealt with by simply wiping it down. But if your home is infested heavily with mold growth then you ought to seek the help of a professional mold removal and remediation company. In such an instance, you need people who know how to eliminate mold from your home systematically and permanently.

Indeed, you may not notice your mold problem straightaway. There have been plenty of cases in which people have purchased a home or signed a lease to an apartment only to spot a great and growing mold patch after they have conducted a thorough survey of the attic, basement, and other spaces throughout their home.

In any case, once you have identified the problem your next action should consist of calling in professionals to deal with it. Do not attempt to eliminate the mold yourself. You lack the equipment to both do the job effectively and keep yourself safe in the process. Without the right equipment your actions may actually spread mold spores throughout your home, making the problem even worse. If possible, you should shut off all vents to the affected space, as mold spores can be spread by way of such systems.

When the mold removal and remediation company arrives, they will don protective suits. As they work assiduously in removing the mold from walls and other surfaces mold spores will be stirred up and thrown into the air. The protective suits are designed to protect members of the team against this fallout.

The throwing of mold spores into the air is also the reason for the team’s next action: the complete sealing off of the affected space and the setting of negative pressure in it. This is mitigation against other rooms being infected by the spores.

After the mold has been taken up, the team will apply a specially designed solvent to prevent any re-growth. The team will then use a high pressure, high energy vacuum to remove any remaining airborne mold spores. The collected mold will then be taken away and disposed of in a proper place and manner.

Before leaving the team will put the affected spaces through a process of deodorization. The smell and stench left by extensive mold growth can make a room hard to inhabit. A professional remediation service will take the measures necessary to make the space habitable again.

When looking for a mold removal and remediation company, it is important to find a company that offers the range of services described above. The job must be completed in an expert and thoroughgoing manner. If it is not, then you might find a re-infestation soon after you thought the problem resolved. The company you work with should employ people with the right qualifications to rid your house of mold. Visit for more information on mold.

5 Ways to Know You Need Mold Remediation

7/24/2017 (Permalink)

5 Ways to Know You Need Mold Remediation

Many homes develop small, localized areas of mold that homeowners are not even aware of. That is why it is important to check your house periodically for signs of toxic mold growth like fungus or mildew. Some types of mold in small amounts are relatively harmless. But other types, especially black mold, as well as sizable or widespread fungal growth may reveal a significant problem that requires professional mold removal remediation. Here are 5 signs to look for that may indicate a serious mold damage problem in your dwelling or commercial mold damage at your job office.

Distinctive odor.

If you notice a damp smell at home, look for signs of mold in home areas that are dark, generally unused, and warm. To track a smelly odor heralding mold damage, contact a restoration company for tips on finding them, and deodorization. Mildew has a recognizable musky, smelly odor. Fortunately, deodorization can treat mold in home areas to remove any scent of the offending fungus. While mold damage does not always produce a smelly odor, it often does in moist or damp areas. A sharp, smelly odor is often one of the early signs of mold growth behind wall areas before you see visible evidence.

Wall damage.

Sometimes mold and mildew grow externally on wall surfaces where they can be plainly seen and addressed. Other types of mold growth occurs behind wall boards and paneling where it cannot be seen. Check for mold growth behind wall fixtures to catch all traces of it in the early stages. In suspected areas of fungus growth, cut off the water supply or repair any leaks to prevent dry rot, where mold loves to grow. Black mold is a serious concern, as mold growth is a health hazard that can lead to severe problems in certain people, especially those with mold allergies. A professional restoration company can examine the premises for signs of dry rot or black mold before the problem becomes extensive. Early mitigation can prevent long-term problems that may become more difficult to treat.

Visible mildew.

Discolored stains anywhere in your home, especially in damp, dark areas, may signify mold damage. Fungus can be almost any color and possibly speckled. Look for mold in home areas or office areas where unusual splashes of color appear unexpectedly. A restoration company can provide a free estimate on the cost and time to remove mold growth that is seen, as well as look for mold growth behind wall areas. Mold removal should be planned as soon as mildew is spotted, whether in the home or commercial mold damage in the workplace. Early remediation can quickly bring the mold growth behind wall problem under control.

Fungal growth.

In addition to or instead of mildew, fungus may appear, sprouting through flooring or walls. This signals a more extensive mold removal problem that may include dry rot or black mold. Contact a remediation company for tips on how to avoid spreading fungal growth, which may include limiting air circulation and reducing room temperature. Deodorization may also be needed for mitigation. An experienced restoration company can evaluate the extent of the problem and effective mold in home treatment strategies.

Previous mold problem.

Homes that have experienced previous mold or dry rot might have a recurring problem if underlying issues are not addressed. The same is true for commercial mold damage treatment of a professional building. Mitigation should be handled promptly and effectively to prevent the need for repeated mitigation. Tell-tale lingering odors may require investigation and deodorization.

Whether you need commercial mold damage assessment or home mold removal, contact professionals for efficient remediation to protect your loved ones.
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Mold Can Devastate Home Or Business

6/30/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Can Devastate Home Or Business

Mold damage can devastate a home or business setting. Spores from mold can infest and exist almost anywhere. The mold spores prosper whenever excess moisture is around.
Mold in home or commercial mold damage can prevent the owner from living or operating under normal circumstances.

Damage can produce allergens. The mildew and fungus associated it with can ruin exterior and interior walls. It can omit a smelly odor that owners can't get rid of easily.
That's why mold damage requires professional removal or mitigation. Deodorization can remove the smell but you need to have the underlying issue addressed. The remediation of mold isn't something that should be taken lightly. It needs to be addressed carefully so it doesn't spread or continue to be a potential health hazard.

Visible mold typically requires an expert for mold removal. If the mold stage is that far along, you'll need the help of someone who can offer complete remediation. Mold is typically caused by excess water and moisture. The professional can find the source of the issue and remove that threat as well. If you just remove the mold damage, you won't get to the source and the mold could recur time and time again. No home or business owner wants to deal with a recurring mold issue or one that spreads to other parts of the interior. It could be enormously expensive if that happens.

The isolation of the contaminated area is key to solving the issue. Experts will be able to identify that and remove the mold damage. They'll also be able to cleanse the infected area so that it's inhabitable once again. A professional also will be able to assess just how far the mold damage has spread beyond what is visible to the human eye. Mold removal goes well beyond what is just seen. As a business or home owner, you may wonder if your entire wall is filled with mold. Professionals can analyze the area and contain current and future damage.

Commercial Mold Damage

Commercial mold damage can be costly to business owners in many ways. It can be an awful eye sore if the mold is visible to current clients. It can be a sign that the business owner doesn't take care of things in general. It's never a good thing for someone to walk in and see damaged interior walls in a business setting. The mildew, fungus and smelly odor associated can leave potential customers with a bad taste in their mouths. It's also unhealthy for customers who walk in the door.

The business owner has the obligation to protect customers by providing mold removal and keeping their establishment up to date. That's why commercial mold removal is a necessity and not an option. Professionals can assess the damage quickly and provide remediation before it gets any worse. They can keep your business running and provide deodorization so potential clients never even notice.

Mold In Home

Mold in home can be even worse to deal with. You live in your dwelling and spend more time there. You sleep overnight and mold damage could eventually spell bad health for you and your family. That's why mitigation of the mold by a professional is so important at first sight of the damage. It could start with mildew, fungus or the smelly odor that often accompanies the mold spores. Mitigation of the damage can remove all of those issues from replacing walls, paint or even deodorization.

Remediation involves not just the cleaning of the mold but protecting the person who does the cleaning. That's why important to have experts assess and clean the damage. Mitigation of mold isn't a simple one step process. Professionals are aware of the potential health risks associated with cleaning dangerous mold and are prepared. They can suppress the dust, remove the contaminated area and place everything in plastic bags for safe removal. They can use deodorization techniques to remove that smelly odor that accompanies many mold infected areas. They can also prevent future mold from occurring. Many mold in home or commercial mold damage victims don't realize they might just be providing a short term solution by only cleaning the infected area. Mold needs to be completely removed. The source of the issue also needs to be vigorously addressed.
Fungus and mildew are just a few of the culprits you shouldn't have to deal with on a daily basis. Mold isn't an issue you can generally take care of on your own. True professionals will be able to quickly diagnose, clean and restore your business or home and avoid future damage.
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How To Tell If Mold Is Present

5/30/2017 (Permalink)

How To Tell If Mold Is Present

Home and business owners must watch for signs of anything that could damage the structure of their homes or offices, reducing the value of the property. One of the most damaging substances is mold, which can grow anywhere the conditions are favorable. If this fungus is present in large amounts, mold mitigation and remediation will be necessary to be sure in home mold damage or commercial mold damage is minimal.

Mold Warning Signs

Mold damage is often hard to see because it tends to thrive in dark, damp places people do not see everyday.The fungus that causes mildew and mold often lands in humid spots such as basements, bathrooms, attics and crawl spaces and grows because there is plenty of moisture there. Sometimes mold growth is visible and other times it isn't because it is growing in hidden places. Because mold and mildew can lead to structural damage, mitigation and remediation must be done as soon after discovery as possible. Below are some ways to tell if mold is present and how the mold removal process works.

Mold Is Visible

If mold is present, it may be visible if it is growing in an area that can be seen. When looking for fungus that leads to mildew and mold, it is important to look in areas that it tends to grow. Some common areas of mold growth include underneath bathroom sinks, in basements, behind wallpaper and under carpeting. Areas that have suffered water leaks or have high humidity are more likely to have mold damage that leads to mold removal. Mold can be a multitude of colors but is most often brown, gray, black or dark green.

Mold Has A Smelly Odor

One thing many people notice first about mold is the smelly odor it often produces that is so strong, deodorization is needed. The smelly odor can smell like dirt or it can have a distinctive, foul odor. If a smelly odor is present, it could mean mold in home damage or commercial mold damage exists. Deodorization must be done only after mold removal and repair or the smell will return along with new mold and mildew.

There Are Water Leaks

Buildings and houses that have unresolved water leaks are very likely to develop mold. Water leaks are often due to damaged shingles, leaky plumbing and cracks in the foundation. Mitigation and remediation must be done after these leaks are repaired and sealed. If flooding has occurred, it is very likely to cause mold in home damage or commercial mold damage because of the amount of time it takes to dry out after so much water is present.

How To Get Rid Of Mold

Mitigation and remediation must be performed by a mold removal specialist even if mold damage appears minimal and the fungus does not appear to be widespread. A professional will determine exactly where mold is growing and how much mold in home damage or commercial mold damage is present. After removing the mold, all sources of moisture are repaired and deodorization is done to remove any traces of odor.

Mold in home damage can be catastrophic or it may be minor and only need light cleaning or deodorization. No matter what the case, it must be done by trained professionals so it does not return. While dealing with fungal growth is never a pleasant time, hiring an experienced mold removal team will provide peace of mind to anxious home or business owners facing this common problem. Visit for more information on mold removal and remediation.

Mold Remediation in Florida

3/24/2017 (Permalink)

Property owners in communities in Ft. Myers will need to always lookout for microbial growth such as mold, mildew and fungus. These three forms of microbial growth can contaminate the property as well as incur damage. Anyone who owns property in the area will benefit by first cleaning the area where the microbe growth is located. They will then look to safeguard the area by covering it up as well as telling people to stay away from it. Along with doing these things, it will also be important to contact a home restoration company.

There are some other forms of microbe growth that property owners will want to be mindful of. These include fungus and mildew which can also damage the home. Whenever a property owner encounters a situation where they find mildew and fungus inside or outside of their property, they will need to do certain tasks to help preserve it. Owners of various properties in the Florida area will want to do the same things that they do with other forms of microbe growth. They will want to sanitize and cover up the various areas of their properties. Property owners in the area will need to then contact a home restoration company as well.

If a property owner decides to contact a home restoration company, they will need to describe the nature of the microbe growth on their property. The home restoration company will listen to any feedback and then arrange for an environmental hygienist to come to any property. After scheduling an environmental hygienist to come to the property, the home restoration company will then have the professional inspect the property. They will look to see where the microbe growth is located at the property. After finding the location of the microbe growth, the home restoration professional will then look to see if there is any spreading in a property that they are checking out. Once they find out about the extent of the microbe growth, a home restoration professional will then begin to eliminate microbe growth from a property located in cities such as Naples.

After using a number of chemicals such as detergents and equipment, the home restoration company will remove the microbe growth and then clean it out. This will ensure that the property is sanitized and free of any possible microbe growth. As well as eliminating the microbe growth, property owners will also be advised on how to keep their properties free of microbe growth. This will usually entail frequent inspections as well as cleaning of various areas of a property. With this protocol, property owners will be in position to minimize the chances of having microbe growth in the future. Visit for more information on mold remediation.

Is There Mold in Your Home?

2/24/2017 (Permalink)

Is There Mold in Your Home?

Microscopic mold spores can thrive just about anywhere in your Ft. Myers Beach, FL home or business including, both indoors and outdoors, and can produce toxins hazardous to both humans and pets. The infamous "black fungus" can prove especially toxic; however, any time excessive growth is present, it should be treated with caution in order to avoid disturbing the spores, which enables them to spread.

About Mold

Mold, also known as microbial growth, fungus and mildew, can occur inside or outside a structure in as little as 48 hours. In fact, any time there is a water invasion, such as a flood, roof leak, leaking water line, or any areas of high condensation, it increases the risk of developing growth.

The spores are generally marked by an usual hair-like discoloration on porous or non-porous surfaces. It is sometimes accompanied by a strong, musty odor and can even be hidden beneath carpet or behind dry wall. However, the most common areas of growth include, insulation, air ducts, walls, ceilings, windows, and more.

How Mold Remediation Services can Help

Our environmental Hygienist is well adept in the science behind microbial growth. We have the proper expertise, equipment, and the training to remedy the spore case in the business or home in question to get the structure's environment restored to healthy levels.

There are various types of spores, and each type differs from one to the next, and just about any home or business can be affected. In fact, more than one type of spore can exist in a structure at any given time. However, many types of growth can cause irritants and allergens, so whenever severe growth is spotted, regardless of the color or type, it is strongly recommended that property owners contact a mold remediation company to assist in the remediation of the growth.

In addition to providing expert mold remediation services, we also pride ourselves on providing immediate response times to help lessen the damage and reduce costs. Our technicians are highly trained in Applied Microbial Remediation, water damage restoration, Applied Structure Drying, and more. In addition, we employ advanced equipment to assist in identifying the source of water nourishing the growth, then stabilize the area using a negative air pressure chamber.

We are a reliable source in the remediation sector with multiple franchises. We provide fast service in addition to emergency 24/7 care.

What You Can do Until Help Arrives

If microbial growth, fungus, or mildew is suspected in your structure, there are a few precautions that should be taken until the environmental hygienist arrives including:

Turn off the HVAC system and fans

Avoid the affected areas

Do not attempt to dry the area yourself

Avoid spraying disinfectants and bleach on the growth                                                                                                                                             Visit if you suspect mold in your property.